Saturday Night All Star Concert Headliner

North Atlantic Drift with the legendary Celtic banjoist Brain Taheny

The band's name, North Atlantic Drift, perfectly reflects their style. The North Atlantic Drift refers to the current that runs between the East Coast of Canada and the West coast of Europe and Ireland. Therefore, their music features musical styles between Ireland, Scotland and the East coast of Canada. Brian Taheny from Sligo, Ireland, Dan MacDonald from Cape Breton Island and Ross Griffiths from Ontario. The band demonstrates the well established collaboration between nations along the North Atlantic Drift and the product is a multi-instrumental, multi-styled Celtic sound that is truly Canadian  in its diversity!


BanjoFest 2020 Performers & Workshop Leaders


The Red River Ramblers

Performer & Workshop Leader

We are thrilled to announce that The Red River Ramblers will be joining our Banjofest 2020! 

The Red River Ramblers are a Métis fiddle band. Douglas Richard Sinclair fronts the band and his vision is to produce a sound that would revive Manitoba Métis fiddle music. Métis fiddle music embodies the rhythmic spirit of the First Nations peoples blended with Scottish and French fiddle. Sinclair's playing style is a unique being able to play the Métis banjo and guitar creating a sound that stems from his roots from the Red River Settlement. Sinclair's music developed into a  balance of rhythmic and melodic rifts. He then sought band members to fulfill his dream of creating a sound that would revive the rhythmic spirit of Métis fiddle music. After some years it is safe to say he found it! The band, The Red River Ramblers, formed in February 2019 and have been making waves in the music industry, producing a record with John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto, Ontario.

The Red River Ramblers will present a 90 minute workshop Saturday and Sunday afternoon as well as taking the stage both evenings for the All-Star concert.



Reynolds, Robinson & Lodge

Performers & Workshop Leaders

Reynolds, Robinson & Lodge are a trio of talented gentlemen and we are very excited to announce their performance in Banjofest as well as hosting a workshop.

Reynolds, Robinson & Lodge evolved from good friends, passion for music and tasty beverages. Their inspiration to take to the stage and perform for fans began after meeting The Kruger Brothers. They joke saying they recorded their first CD due to their fading ability to remember things but after hearing their music you won't forget how talented this trio is! Their album "Intro the Wind" reflects a diverse selection of their music and the range of their passion for music. Reynolds, Robinson & Lodge truly love good music and good friends, sprinkle in some humor and talent, this is a group you do not want to miss. 




North Atlantic Drift

Performer & Workshop Leader

North Atlantic Drifters is a trio comprised of Brain Taheny, Dan MacDonlad and Ross Griffiths and We are very lucky to have them come to Midland and perform at the MCC!

Brian is from Sligo, Ireland, which is renown as bring the Irish music mecca. Brian is viewed as a 'string guru by mastering a very wide range of string instruments. Brian has built an incredible reputation as a Celtic musician and has been rewarded with two JUNO nominations. AND the MCC's very own GM and Artistic Director, himself a tenor-banjo player considers Brian to be one of the finest players he's ever heard!

Dan grew up in Ironville, Cape Breton and shared a love for the fiddle with his father from a young age. Dan has been immersed in many musical styles by traveling across the globe but his sound is still based in the musical culture of Cape Breton Island.  Dan has achieved incredible success as a solo artist and was a nominee for Solo Instrumental Artist of the Year in 2018 (CFMA).


Ross began his musical career at the age of eleven and was fortunate to have a world class teacher. Their guidance influenced him to pursue his musical gifts in pipe music and in his late teens was contributing to his band as an artist, composer and arranger of pipe music. His most recent favorite pipe to play is the Irish uilleann pipes.     


WORKSHOPS Saturday afternoon 


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